About the Diploma in Agribusiness Management

Whether you’re a farm owner wanting to fill specific gaps in your business skills, or an up and coming orchard supervisor looking to enhance your career - the Diploma will give you an in-depth understanding of the core elements and functions required to run a successful business. It’s an industry-recognised qualification, so if you’re looking to go places, it’s a good place to start!

Once you've completed the Diploma you'll be able to:

  • Effectively manage and operate an agribusiness in today’s changing environment

  • Understand the market forces at play in the New Zealand’s primary industries, identify opportunities to grow your business and recognise threats and risk

  • Assess the extent to which new techniques, trends, and technologies will enhance your agribusiness

  • Develop budgets, identify and set business and financial goals

  • Increase the likelihood of obtaining finance from your bank manager

  • Develop your human resource management skills, learn your legal responsibilities, increase employee satisfaction and improve staff retention

  • Benchmark your business and learn from high performers in your industry.


The Diploma in Agribusiness Management is broken up into four course modules:

Business Management 

Financial Management & Planning 

Human Resources

Resource Management & Sustainability

You then tie all your knowledge together with a business report, using what you’ve learnt to analyse and critique your business. You can develop one of these skills or work towards the full Diploma.


Each Diploma module takes around six months to complete depending on your situation. The average completion time for the entire Diploma is two-and-a-half to three years, which is a module every semester over two years; followed by a semester to complete the business report.



The Diploma is broken up into four course modules: Business Planning, Financial Management & Planning; Human Resources; and Resource Management & Sustainability. Courses are available on a semester schedule and the delivery method and timetables vary by provider. 

Classes and study sessions are designed to fit around your workday so you can continue working and there's a variety of learning methods. Some modules are interactive, discussion-based workshops, others are online, face-to-face learning or can sometimes be delivered as intensive block courses.  Classes are held locally, so you won't need to travel far - and as your tutors and classmates are local, you’ll tackle local issues.

We work with six training providers across New Zealand to deliver the Diploma: NorthTec, Toi-Ohomai, Wintec, EIT, Taratahi and Ara. You will be enrolled and managed by the provider who covers your region and a Primary ITO training adviser will take care of your workplace support.